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Life happens, let's make it beautiful. 

About Bernardica - Certified Interior designer, color consultant, and home stager.

Bernardica grew up in Europe and all throughout her childhood she dreamed of studying art but when a civil war broke out in her home country of Croatia she was forced to let go of that dream and relocate to Germany.

She ended up earning a bachelor of medical science and spent 8 years working in the medical field as a nurse. In Germany, she met her husband, Mike. In 1999 she and Mike made the decision to move their young family to what is now their permanent home: Katy, TX.

Mike began a career in the remodeling industry and in 2003 they opened their own remodeling business together, Floor TX & Remodeling.  Bernardica found the joy of her childhood dream in the artistic process of creating beautiful interiors for their clients. She went on to graduate from QC Design School.  

Every object she brings into a home or office is carefully considered for both form and function. While it can take several months for the perfect home to take shape, her full-service handles it all from start to finish.

She has experience in everything from working with builders, architects, contractors, to designing custom furniture, lighting, and art.

She is the leader of a talented team that creates stunning interiors.

Her team of designers & decorators will work with you to create a space that expresses your taste and lifestyle. They offer advice on everything ranging from kitchen & bathroom cabinets, flooring, paint colors, fabrics, furniture, accessories, and lighting.

Bernardica is committed to making your interior design dreams a reality!

In our showroom in Katy, TX. ( Floor TX & Remodeling)

We have over 1000's of samples ranging from cabinets, carpet, wood, tile, granite, laminate, luxury vinyl plank, decorative tile, mosaics, wood look tiles.

We work with the world’s leading manufacturers, and all of our products come with warranties ranging from 1 to 50 years and even some lifetime warranties depending on products.

We are able to assist in designing that you will be proud of for years to come. 

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